Making Your Net Work: The Art and Science of Career and Business Networking by Billy Dexter and Melissa G Wilson

Networking is not just a way of interacting with others to impress or to gain new contacts for business or pleasure, it is an art which is generally untaught and there is, believe it or not, a science which comes with it. There are hundreds of questions that people ask about networking. Making Your Net Work  strives to answer all of them, such as:

  • What is a network?
  • Why do I hate networking?
  • Can I change my attitude?
  • Isn’t this mostly a big time waster?
  • Who should I bring into my network?
  • Where should I network?
  • and many more.

Sharing experiences and ideas which have been gathered and stored, the authors use all of their combined talents and strategies they have built up for the past 30 years, to explode the myths around networking and get you working smarter.

So don’t get left behind in the vital networking scene. Making Your Net Work: The Art and Science of Career and Business Networking is suitable for those who are starting a business and for those who are already established.

  • Making Your Net Work is a great read for anyone in business. In his book,Billy Dexter and Melissa G Wilson outline the common networking mistakes most business professionals make and the often-hidden ways the power players get ahead. But it’s not just about getting ahead. Billy and Melissa show you how you can benefit by helping others, by being a generous person. The book is easy to read, and full of actionable advice. I recommend it!

    — Andy Friedman Chief Content Officer American Marketing Association
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