Me with my Circle of Friends Golfing Group and my friend, Roger Crockett

We have many tips we share in our book, “Making Your Net Work,” but let’s start with the following three:
  • Set up regular gatherings with your circles of support, either one-to-one or as a small group. By building consistent exchanges with your networking partners and circles, you’ll create more opportunities for yourself and others.
  • Make some of your connection events fun. Whether it’s a play, a sporting event, a concert, or just going out for a meal. It’s the social side of networking that helps grow business opportunities. Even if you’re just starting out, ask someone you admire to meet with you and perhaps even become your mentor.
  • Create one or two social media accounts. If you don’t have a LinkedIn, Google Plus, Facebook Business, or Twitter account, we highly encourage you to obtain at least one or two of these. Create robust profiles. In fact, LinkedIn, a professional network, say users with complete profiles are forty times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn.
Stay tuned for more. To your success! Billy